An Early Morning Letter, Displaced


An Early Morning Letter, Displaced is the ambient recording project of studio artist, Joseph Labrecque. Founded in 1999, this expressive undertaking combines elements of dark ambient, ethereal, and touches of atmospheric neo-classical to form a unique sound. Born from the initial concept of infusing whispered poetry within an expressive aural backdrop, this venture has surpassed its origin to become a true force in the area of independent, underground music.

Project History

1999: Project founded. Lots of experimental work.

2000: August

2001: Period of dormancy.

2002: Through Darkened Eyes

2003: Remixes for Attrition and Sero.Overdose. Unreleased.

2004: Work begins on Stillborn. Production is halted for personal reasons.

2005: Material is repurposed for A Prison of Oneself. New material is recorded.

2006: Very little progress on new material.

2007: A Prison of Oneself is completed and released.

2008: Period of dormancy during the promotion of A Prison of Oneself along with residual data gathering. Work begins on new material.

2009: Shudderflowers is released! (August and Through Darkened Eyes are made available as digital-only releases, marking a decade of activity.

2010: Contributed to the Emergent Collective One compilation. The 6Threads EP is released!

2011-2012: Period of dormancy. Side-project explorations thrugh the Shivervein project.

2013: Contributed to the Emergent Collective Two compilation. Remixes for Partition 36.

2014: Contributed to the Emergent Collective Three compilation.

2015: Remixes for Partition 36.