An Early Morning Letter, Displaced



Spanning over a decade of work within the space of a six track EP; 6Threads includes three entirely new recordings which continue to showcase An Early Morning Letter, Displaced as a luminary of powerful, impassioned music. Alongside these new tracks are alternate versions of "So Crushed" from A Prison of Oneself and the original (long) version of "Alice" from Shudderflowers. Rounding out the album is one of the earliest recordings from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced - "If Only", an unpublished piece from 1999.

Strangling Strangers

I think these things I shouldn't think
In places I shouldn't think them
Sawing off the head of a prostitute
Or strangling strangers
And this pain in my side
Keeps me awake at night


I despise this humanity
Kill me
Take this body from me

I despise this humanity
Kill me
Deliver me

(still) So Crushed

You dominate me completely
Here suffocating
Beneath your influence
Quick little breathes
Escape me

This is all so empty
And I am so crushed


Shudderflowers reflects upon themes of fervent self-destruction and the fragility of the female mind. Tortured soundscapes pierced with the bones of shattered dreams. A nightmare concert filled with the anguished cries of broken children, delivered with a sweeping stiletto... and a whisper.


call me into the night air

no one there

collapse into smiles, again

I Am Consumed

this fear consumes me
memories of long forgotten corpses
their silver blood falls to the leaves
"would my lips give you any comfort? at such a time of peril?"

consume my flesh
consume my fear
consume the desire that still burns
and extinguish my life

this fear consumes me
memories of long forgotten nights
and the petals now fallen to the earth
and the precious, still moments that will never be.

Fever-Drenched and Burning

you've captured me
to find a release
is no longer anything

you torture me
conceal me
i am within my own company

stare vacantly
you mock me
surrender me to the void

cut me and push me
devour me
allow me to be

free from your desire
free from my own will


to become fearless is to become as a corpse
when there is no fear present in the heart or mind
what is man left with but flavorless apathy?

it is fear that drives us forward
pursuing our various goals
fear of lifes hardships
fear of god
or the devils who surround us
maybe even a fear of ourselves?

does any one of us truly understand
what it is we are, in essence?
the meaning of our personal existence
amoungst so much strife?

if i were to die at this moment
how many masses wouyld it take to release my soul from its shadowed prison?
how much sadness, and imperfect contrition is needed to propel my broken form towards life?
and, in the end, is either enough?

Waning Flower

fevered sleep deprives the child of these waning flowers
seal these things within burning memories
conflagration of the soul

Searching, Lost


take this from my mind
tear it from my heart
and bury it within her tomb

dead for years
dead for years

A Cleansing of Bones

this wind tears at my sleep
renders trees into the outer breeze
consumes these hours with sharpened claws

Drowning Past The Sky

a crack in the ceiling
a crack in the floor

I'm drowning past the sky

shattered glass
shattered mind


counting the days
i haven't anything left
but for your tears and these shards
a life destroyed
a flame engulfed

these thoughts tear upon
my threadbare soul

and no one has anything left to say
the story is finished
your bright spark extinquished
and nothing matters anymore
there is nothing anymore

these promises reveal
my threadbare heart

A Prison of Oneself

A Prison of Oneself is a dense collection of work recorded over the course of four years. Dark and crushing. Ambient textures interlaced with swelling, almost violent extremes. Edgy soundscapes filled with hope, despair, and a persistent, uneasy current reflective of the mind's inner hell.


lost within this moment of weakness
hopelessness surrounding me
the fruits of my despair
are overwhelming me
buried within my recollection
i cannot see anything
past this dread visage i fear
this reflection staring into me

to look away is salvation
but i'll never look away


the sun sears unmercifully
glaring at my shattered form
and no heavens clouds to protect me
shield me from the burning rays
with their delirious touch

not unhopeful

show me truth
beyond these darkened eyes
reveal to me
that which has escaped me
clear for me
the upward path

i don't want to burn

so crushed

you dominate me completely
here suffocating
beneath your influence
quick little breathes
escape me

this is all so empty
and I am so crushed

a shelter of yesterdays

it won't be long till this fear becomes too great
it won't be long till i break down

i've seen girls fill wells with their tears
but to draw from this well means death


in all the places I reside
I leave a little piece behind
and all the little hearts I take
the vacant souls incinerate

this is a vacant space

hope of escape

you are so weak
you will never overcome your demons
pathetic and broken
with a mind clouded with confusion
it is so easy to make you fall

tell yourself that it won't happen again
that you are stronger now
that you will never have a hand in sin again

tell yourself all these things
and I will reveal just how weak you truly are
and that there was never any hope of escape

Through Darkened Eyes

Mostly instrumental in composition, Through Darkened Eyes revolves around themes of misapplied guilt and the loss of innocence, a sophomore effort.


Primarily dealing with issues of loss and abandonment, August remains a collection of work that is inescapably raw and unwavering in discourse.

hairline fracture

i'm in prison
a cell- dark and lonely
i can feel the cold walls and the colder floor
against my feet [bare and blue]

no matter how long or how hard i search these walls,
i'm never able to find a door
even a crack would give me relief
a crack that i could squeeze into and believe that i could escape
a hairline fracture filled with possibilities
the rift that permits me to bring myself up and out of this nightmare

God, crack these walls
even if it means killing me
because i can't live like this anymore

tired child

sometimes i find myself wishing i had died as a child
to never know the horrors that cling to me with such intimacy

i shouldn't entertain such thoughts
i should turn my attention to other things

i'm a tired child
because I've lived past my time...

lamenting sky

this sky
now ignores me
like so many others
this star
it abhors me
like so many i've known

and i can't even begin
to try and make things better
and i can't even begin
to make right all that's wrong
in my life

only give me a real fighting chance
and i'll bring back
the strength- the vitality i once had
back when your eyes made me a king
and my kingdom resides behind
those cold blue eyes

locked away... forever locked away
locked away... forever locked away

and i can't even begin
to try and make things better
and i can't even begin
to make right all that's wrong
in my life

i haven't anything left for you dear